My Healing Services

My healing style always begins with discovering where you are at in your life and designing a healing plan that is 100% unique to you. It can take on many forms depending on your specific needs. Listed below, however, is a brief summary of some common services.

The foundation of all of my services, I simply listen to you, to the words on your heart, listening carefully to discover your true self. Then, I relay the empowering messages I receive from Spirit back to you to begin the healing transformation in your life.

Once I have identified any specific spiritual ailments afflicting your life, I will take the necessary steps to restore balance. This is always a case-by-case process but may involve the recommendation of taking specific herbs, adding new spiritual practices into your life, prophetic commands, energetic cleansing, or many other possible actions.

Many of us are comfortable in the written word, and as a shamanic healer and writer myself, I enjoy using your written works of fiction, essays, or even resumes as a starting point to discover what has been buried in your soul.

For individuals looking for guidance in their life around a specific question or topic, I offer readings via Tarot, Runes, and Dream channelings to provide with messages direct from Spirit.

One of the most ancient of shamanic practices, Shamanic Drumming is an essential act to set the soul into the dreamworld and discover answers hiding therein. I employ multiple drums and rattles in my shamanic drumming, and can work in person or long distance.

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