Is Ayahuasca a recommended part of spiritual ascension? (From Quora)

My answer to this question was originally posted here on Quora. The traditional use of ayahuasca is purely as a way to clean the body, and to allow a healer to see in what ways a patient’s body needs cleansing. In fact, for individuals who are clean—-emotionally, physically, and spiritually—the ayahuasca experience may be ratherContinue reading “Is Ayahuasca a recommended part of spiritual ascension? (From Quora)”

Sipping from the Holy Grail: An Atheist’s Encounter with Ayahuasca

This essay was written in 2017, days after my first encounter with Ayahuasca. We sit cross-legged atop our cushions and yoga mats like squatters strewn across the dark, hardwood floor. Five tea candles struggle to light the twenty-six people waiting in silence. A log-cabin’s living room has been converted into a sacred temple, decorated with tapestries,Continue reading “Sipping from the Holy Grail: An Atheist’s Encounter with Ayahuasca”

Save a Universe, Ride your Dreams

Have you ever wondered why ancient cultures and religions so willingly believed that everything was created from nothing? Whether we’re talking about the Tao (which existed eternally) or God (which also existed eternally) or any other fundamental creation force, there was an acceptance that that force just always WAS, IS, and WILL BE, i.e. it didn’t follow theContinue reading “Save a Universe, Ride your Dreams”

Out of the Jungle, Back to the Collective Consciousness

This essay was originally published on December 18, 2018 Integration after an extended master plant dieta requires an amount of patience and diligence that few other life events call for. At least that’s what I’m quickly learning days before Christmas, as I sit in my parent’s basement, which has become something akin to a recoveryContinue reading “Out of the Jungle, Back to the Collective Consciousness”