Together, we are healing.

It’s time to step into the next chapter of your life.

Welcome, brothers and sisters.

My name is Kevin Zimmerman. I am a trained shamanic practitioner in the Shipibo traditions of plant medicine and dieta. After living in Peru and working alongside my maestra Estela Pangoza during 2018, I have returned to the United States and received my call to help others.

Like all those called to the healing paths, my life has contained a number of unforeseen surprises. After many years of integrating all the parts of my life, I have developed skills for assisting others including empathic communication, shamanic drumming, divination, dream interpretation, prophetic guidance, written channelings, and spiritual consultation.

Let’s get you to where you want to be.

My Shamanic Journey

Born to a Pentecostal Christian minister, and a mother with psychic powers, my life was bound to be unique. My first shamanic initiation came only days after my birth when I suffered an intense fever of 105 degrees. Doctors had to operate on me, placing tubes inside my ears to prevent permanent developmental complications. Though I survived, I received a reminder of the closeness to death I came that stays with me to this very day: a never-ending ringing in my ears.

I have never known what silence sounds like.

This ringing–which some refer to as tinnitus–has been seen throughout history as the sound of the universe speaking to a soul. To me, that makes complete sense.

My ringing has shaped my thoughts, my habits, and opened up areas of my mind which I may never have known. Imagine your living room, that place where you go to relax and enjoy your free time, filled with the brightest, hottest fire. All you want is to sit down and recharge, but now you must spend all your time in other rooms, away from others.

So it was for me. While most individuals can simply sit and enjoy peace and calm, my ringing pushed my consciousness into other realms and dimensions I would never have otherwise explored.

As a child, I heard voices, spoke with my pets, connected intimately with the constellations, and had a degree of empathy which made life unbelievably difficult. I had trouble understanding people or making friends. Poetry, music, and my dreams were all that got me through. After my parents got divorced, I entered a deep, childhood depression lasting nearly 15 years. Sarcasm, isolation, and darkness are all I remember of this time of my life.

For a brief moment, late in high school, I thought I had found the answer to my problems. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit by my father and began speaking in tongues regularly. I attended conferences on the gifts of the Holy Spirit such as prophesying, miracles, healing, and teacher. I made arrangements to become a missionary and learn this new exciting world.

However, after realizing that I was also a man attracted to other men and would have a whole new challenge to undergo, my soul could not take anymore. Individuals who I had trusted now assured me I was destined for hell, and the worst part was I believed them.

I threw away all that I held dear: my relationship with divinity, my art, my music, my writing, and my spirituality. I didn’t know any better. I decided to start my life over in college as a straight-edged business student with aspirations to become a lawyer, fields where emotions or spirituality could never hurt me. I voluntary enrolled in homosexual conversion therapy to get rid of the sin I held inside myself.

But of course the problems didn’t leave. I became a substance abuser of both alcohol and American junk food, gaining 60 pounds over my four years at university. I did my best to ignore the pain in my soul, but it caught up to me one night when I was arrested for drunk driving. Although no one was hurt, I was sentenced to a day in jail and six months of mandatory substance abuse therapy. My dream of being that straight-edged business lawyer suddenly vanished.

Somehow I trudged through to graduation, and even further to land a job at a premier accounting firm. By then, though, I was at the bottom. I had a psychological breakdown. I quit my job and began questioning every single aspect of my life. Who am I? Who is God? What is the universe? Why am I even here? I tore up reality into little shreds, knowing I would never experience it normally again, just hoping maybe I could understand what went wrong.

Still, though, even gaining a cerebral understanding of the universe was not enough to heal me. With no other options, I began looking for ways to end my life without anyone missing me. And it was then, stumbling through the craziest drugs I could take, that I found Ayahuasca.

Learning about Ayahuasca was the first thing that genuinely excited me in over 15 years. A tea that comes from the Amazon Jungle that gives you nightmarish visions and insights into your soul? It terrified me and challenged me. After tearing up all of reality, I thought I would never find anything that I didn’t understand. Within a few weeks I had found a medicine woman who served Ayahuasca nearby and made plans to experience this crazy concoction.

My ceremony with Ayahuasca had arrived and what a night it was. Plunged into darkness I went back–out of all places–to when my mother was a child. In my visions, I saw her scared, lonely, and sad. The darkness was more than I could ever have imagined, but with all my strength, and in front of all the other patients experiencing the medicine that night, I began exorcising the darkness out of her.

“You don’t have to be in pain anymore!” I told her, nearly a hundred times. I said it over and over, the words feeling so powerful as they came out of my mouth. And I watched as the darkness slowly faded, until at last I vomited and purged all that ancient history out of my body. For the first time in my entire life, the entirety of darkness, sadness, and heaviness had been lifted.

This was the peace I had been searching for.

The ceremony continued, and I kept on healing myself before soon realizing I was healing the entire space in which the ceremony was taking place. This was the spirituality that I had been depriving myself of for so many years. Now, it was surging through my body.

As soon as I went back home–light as a feather–I began studying this unbelievable phenomenon. I became engrossed in learning all the shamanic traditions I could find. And the following year, when I received the calling from a stranger to go down to Peru and work directly with a medicine woman in the jungle, I jumped at the opportunity.

With only a backpack on my back, I flew down to Iquitos, Peru, and began working at the fledgling center called Aya Madre under the guidance of my teacher, Maestra Estela Pangoza. I learned the traditions of Ayahuasca from the Shipibo who were the first to discover her extraordinary powers. More than that, I learned how all plants have the power to heal. I learned how to enter into a dieta with the plants, a time where you abstain from all the distractions that Western society has placed into life and instead only commune with a single plant of your choosing. I also worked with the psychoactive cactus huachuma, the healing flower toƩ, the ancient teacher tobacco, and many other wonderful plant allies as well.

Finally, after my eight months in the jungle came to an end, I returned in 2019 to the United States–a world I could hardly recognize. Like being kicked out of Eden, I had to suddenly learn simply how to survive in a society I could hardly handle. But I did. By relying on my teachings, by opening myself up to my birth right gifts, and by adhering to my spiritual practice, I found out how to get through one of the most challenging eras of our country’s history.

Now, I want to pass on my strength, my teachings, my light, and my support onto you.

Together, we are healing.

It’s time to step into our life’s next chapters.

Are you dealing with something in your life that you need help with? Send me a message and let’s get your true self shining again.